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051 Water

The silence was like a blister. It was very excruciating. She sat very still in the boat, back stiff, eyes looking forward. The boat rocked slightly when the Captain shifted her weight while putting a worm on the hook. Seven had her eyes looking over Janeway’s head, ensuring no eye contact was made.

Seven had reluctantly agreed to go along with the Captain, unaware that it was a fishing trip they were taking. Seven had little interest in Earth customs and sports, and found the tedium of fishing ridiculous. A Tricorder and a multi-spectrum molecular scanner would find as many fish as they wanted without the throwing of a hook. Janeway threw her line into the still lake and gave the line a slight tug. She gave Seven a smile.

With a deep sigh, Seven picked up her fishing line and methodically applied the worm to the hook as if she was involved in surgery. Once the worm was placed onto the hook properly, she gently swished the rod back and forth until it flew off the rod like a string of lightening. It fell upon the water with a slight splish sound. Satisfied, she began to tug the line as Janeway did. Seven kept her eyes on the water, ignoring the sound of Janeway’s voice.

She knew she was doing exceptionally well regardless of the surroundings. They continued to fish in a comfortable silence.
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