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Title: My belief
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Characters: Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine
Prompt: 096 Writer Choice
Word Count: 357
Rating: PG for Religious Discussion
Author's Notes: Ficlet from talking_muses
Personal Log. Stardate 58675.2
It has been a long shift in the Astrometrics lab today. Ensign Kim was assigned to assist me in re aligning the projector coils. It was a trying time. Ensign Kim has discovered a new “fad” as he calls it and Lt Ko, a former marquis Bajoran who works in the lower decks with other less competent crewmembers, introduced it to him.
I am always pleased to work alongside Ensign Kim. He is much more efficient than other crewmembers and he has an inherent devotion to astronomy as I do. Captain Janeway seems to see the connection we have on a professional basis and assigns him to my lab when she can. It is always appreciated.
However, today, he would not stop conversing about the ancient book that the Bajoran spoke of. Something called the “Bible”, a tome from ancient Earth. Ko discovered it while reading Earth History lessons in hopes to apply to Star Fleet when Voyager finally reaches the Alpha Quadrant. I doubt Lt Ko will pass any Starfleet Academy exams no matter how long he studies but that is neither here nor there.
Many of Earth’s population for centuries, until life in other Galaxies was discovered, worshiped this book. Ko convinced Ensign Kim to read it and now Kim is determined to have the EMH Doctor read it so they can revive the “fad” of religious belief on board the ship.
I find the concept disturbing. It seems narrow minded and small in comparison to the scheme of the Universe. It also belittles the others on board the ship who are not from Earth or human in origin. Nevertheless, as The Doctor taught me, it is not my place to put down Kim’s interests. I just hope they change their minds about building an extra chapel for Ko and the others. I wonder if this is a virus of some sort.
I cannot believe that one book contains all the answers to all the questions within the Universe. I also cannot believe in something that despises scientific theory. I may have a chat with the Captain about this whole situation.
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