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BuffyTheSlayr's FANFIC 100 Diary

::My Brain On Ink::

12/31/05 03:01 pm - buffytheslayr

I found four and half fanfic's I wrote when I was big into Buffy The Vampire Slayer. One was a take on another fanfic called "Blood of Our Beloved" and "The Neverending Hunger" by Ressick, others were on Tara's POV, another about my AU worlds. I was on MSN alot back then and most of the links were there. I also enjoyed the X-Files/Buffy crossovers with Tara and Willow as agents, and the Star Trek/Buffy crossovers with Willow and Tara as Starfleet lovers. Thats Uber fic and I love it.
~Through the Looking Glass

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I wrote quite a long fic on a crossover with the Original Night Stalker series and Buffy. I even set it in the 70's. I may type them up just for the hell of it.

12/31/05 12:51 am - buffytheslayr

Er..welcome people to my fanfic place. Hope it keeps you amused. I am looking forward to writing more original stuff based on NHL 2001 PC hockey game (the muse hit me long ago with that oddity).

Soon to come: Corner Gas, Beauty and The Beast (more tales of Jacob Chandler Wells), Penelope Clearwater, drabbleLupin, Seven and Janeway, and of course, Elphaba (which is Gelphie all the way. baby).


P.S I am a cartoonist. Not a writer.

12/30/05 01:04 pm - buffytheslayr - First Draft for Timothy McDaniel at bodyandsoul100

Title:Scotch Neat
Prompt Set: Various #1
Prompt:034 Not Enough
Rating/Warnings:Drinking, language
Author's Notes:This is my intro to a minor character, Timothy McDaniel, who is a centre for the Oilers (fictional of course). He is lamenting his role on the team as he watches the game from a bar. First draft.
First Three Characters
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12/30/05 10:44 am - buffytheslayr - Article from The Sunday Times - Direct Quote

From The Times

What the Doctor did next
Matthew Syed

Can’t get enough of your
fictional favourites? Well there may be plenty more stories about them on the

WHO WOULD HAVE WON the War of the Ring had
Gandalf not returned after his fall in Moria? How did Elizabeth and Darcy cope
with married life at Pemberley? Does Dumbledore have a secret crush on Professor
Snape? And what would Captain Kirk have said to Doctor Who had they bumped into
each other in the bar at the Mos Eisley spaceport in Star Wars?

In the extraordinary cyberworld of fanfic (short for fan fiction) amateur
writers post poetry, short stories and fully fledged novels derived from the
realms of previously- invented fiction. They can be about what happened after or
before events in the original or can fill gaps in plot, character and
relationships or, indeed, rectify perceived errors.

I know what you are thinking: what a bunch of geeks.
That was my thought, too. But having immersed myself in this surreal world for
the past few weeks, I find myself looking rather enviously at these virtual
communities and the shared passions that bind them together. My love for fiction
suddenly seems frivolous in comparison. No wonder those from planet fanfic
describe the unconverted as “mundanes”.

The phenomenon was started by Star Trek fans after the show was
cancelled in the 1970s and television sci-fi continues to carve some of the
deepest niches in fanfic cyberspace. Doctor Who, which returns tomorrow
on BBC One, has spawned a number of websites, including A Teaspoon and an Open
Mind (at www.whofic.com), which hosts 375
authors. It has stories devoted to each of the 10 Doctors and helpers such as
the incomparable robot-dog K9.

Sarah: “Make a wish, K9.”

K9: “This unit has been programmed with logical reasoning ability.

“Non-algorithmic thought is not possible for this unit. Non-algorithmic
thought is illogical and a waste of processing power.”

Sarah: “Non-algorithmic, poppycock. It’s your birthday. Surely you can take a
break from logic on your birthday.”

K9: “Birthday. Human convention. Completely meaningless when applied to
machines. Birthday. Annual celebration marked by exchange of gifts and birthday
cake. Cake. Sweet. Fattening indulgence. Cake not compatible with this unit.”

(From The Cruella Response on the website)

Fanfic is a phenomenon of mind-boggling magnitude. On the fanfic.net website
alone there are more than 200,000 Harry Potter stories and nearly 40,000
Lord of the Rings stories. Fiction Alley www.fictionalley.org has more than
70,000 registered users and more than a million posts.

The fact that fanfic derives from existing works raises questions of
copyright. Some authors, such as Anne Rice, author of the Vampire series,
have said that they do not want their creations to be the subject of amateur
fiction. Such wishes tend to be respected by most websites. Rice has taken legal
action against those who persist.

However other writers welcome fanfic provided that it is not written for
commercial gain. J. K. Rowling has said that she is delighted that her books
have inspired others to write and her website links to sites such as MuggleNet
and the Leaky Cauldron. She draws the line, though, at the sub-genre known as

This was originally applied to fanfic of an adult nature but has come to
refer specifically to homosexual or homoerotic relationships not present in the
original. A “slash” relationship between Captain Kirk and Mr Spock from Star
was one of the earliest subjects of fanfic. Since then there have been
relationships between Bodie and Doyle from the 1970s television series The
, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, Starsky and Hutch, Mr Darcy
and Mr Wickham, Harry Potter and Severus Snape.

Almost all slash is written by women for women and typically focuses on
emotion rather than sex. Indeed, ATG (any two guys/girls) is a derogatory
acronym for slash in which the characters seem incidental to the shagging. The
most remarkable piece of (heterosexual) erotic writing that I came across on my
cyber travels was a smouldering interpretation of Luthien’s encounter with
Morgoth in the dungeons of Angband from J. R .R. Tolkien’s The
. It is simply spellbinding (if Tolkien fans will forgive the
pun). Fanfic must be distinguished from spin-off books published
to capitalise on the success of a novel, film or television series. Again,
Doctor Who has been particularly successful. A string of novels was
published by Virgin under the BBC Books imprint between 1991 and 1997.

Doctor Who has also inspired spin-off science books, including Michael
White’s A Teaspoon and an Open Mind: The Science of Dr Who (the
same name as the fanfic website) that asks such questions as: How do you build a
Tardis? Can a robot dog catch a cold? The only problem is that the Doctor is
rather incidental. It is a book about science in which Doctor Who is
invoked solely to boost sales.

But the remarkable success of derivative literature
demonstrates its significance. As Sheenagh Pugh points out in The Democratic
(Seren Books), this sort of literature has been around since time
immemorial. Fanfic writers, she says, “resemble Ancient Greek dramatists,
working with the characters of myth, the writers of mediaeval morality plays
with their cast of Bible characters, or some historical novelist bringing Queen
Victoria or Napoleon into her pages”.

Perhaps most surprising of all is that, amid the pedestrian offerings (and
there are plenty) there is the occasional gem of such superlative quality that
it enhances one’s appreciation of the original. One from the Harry Potter genre
is The Draco Trilogy by a twenty-something New Yorker who writes under
the pseudonym Cassandra Claire (access it via the fictionalley website.) You
couldn’t make it up.



Umbrella site
for any fandom except where the author objects.

Your haven in a
world programmed to misunderstand obsession with things Austen (well, that’s
what it says on the homepage).

Brilliant for Tolkien lovers with drop-down menus for character, genre, era
or author.

For all things
Potter including an excellent fanfic page.

With stories on all
10 Doctor Whos.

Copyright 2005
Times Newspapers Ltd.

12/27/05 10:59 pm - buffytheslayr - Playing NHL 2001 for ideas for my original fics

Visuals for my Original fics for bodyandsoul100

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12/23/05 12:41 pm - buffytheslayr

Just FYI, I went back and edited the mistakes in my Janeway/Seven fics. If anyone see's more, let me know. I am damn lazy when it comes to re-reading my own stuff!

12/20/05 12:02 pm - buffytheslayr

What is Corner Gas you ask (ok..no one asked but I am sure my non-Canada friends are thinking 'huh?').

It's a Canadian show about a small town in Saskatchewan (small meaning one gas station). It's a comedy and I think it's funnier than anything on TV right now. Brent owns Corner Gas, and Wanda (the brilliant) works there part time. Emma and Oscar Leroy are Brent's parents - retired and driving each other insane. Lacey is the new girl in town who takes over the Ruby Cafe after her Aunt Ruby passes away. Lacey is from Toronto and we all know what people in small towns in Western Canada think of Toronto. Hank is the hapless moron who (I am not sure what Hank does for a living) hangs out with Brent. Karen and Davis are the local cops who spend more time napping in the squad car than anything else (actually, the RCMP would be the local police in a small Sask town but I am sure they didn't want to annoy the RCMP, so they created the Dog River Police force).

Ok, it sounds dumb but it's such a great show. Here is a link to the official site and there are DVD sets for both Season 1 and 2 (which I own!).

Anyhoo, I will be writing some comedy fics about this wonderful motley crew for fanfic100.

12/19/05 10:21 am - buffytheslayr

Title:Why Are They Doing This To Me?!
Fandom:Star Trek Voyager
Prompt:080 Why?
Word Count:710
Summary:Seven continues to find people annoying, Christmas sucks and so does the holodeck!
Author's Notes:Part III of my Christmas story. Un-beta'd, blah, blah blah...no profit and for fun. Enjoy!

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12/19/05 10:17 am - buffytheslayr

Fandom:Star Trek Voyager
Prompt:077 What?
Word Count:826
Summary:Seven continues to avoid Christmas, and Janeway has a discussion with Ensign Paris about Holo Novels and regret (well, not really but that sounds cool)
Author's Notes:Part II of my Christmas Story for Janeway/Seven. Full of angst (or wangst to some) and Christmas fun...er...okay Christmas sorrow...whatever. Un-beta'd and not for shredding. I write for fun, not profit or reviews. Hey, thats what I do! Enjoy.

Janeway gets a IdeaCollapse )

12/19/05 10:11 am - buffytheslayr

Title:I'll Pass
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Characters: Janeway/Seven
Prompt: 065 Passing
Word Count:498
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Part one of a bigger story. Seven is annoyed with the Christmas spirit. Un-beta'd story for fun, not for shredding.

Seven Doesn't 'do' the HOHOHOCollapse )
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