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Beauty and The Beast for fanfic100::X-Posted to Vincents_Tunnels

Title:Merry Go Round
Fandom: Beauty and The Beast: TV Series
Characters:Jacob Chandler Wells, Catherine Chandler
Prompt:033: Too Much
Word Count:388
Rating: General
Summary:Catherine and Vincent’s young son Jacob wonders about life.
Author's Notes:AU, obviously. Jacob is around 6 or 7 in this fic, and is a little intro into his mind. It isn’t easy being the son of the Prince of the Tunnels.

Young Jacob ran around the front of the merry go round and laughed. He watched the other children as they went around on the horses. They were laughing and some were singing. The music was sweet to Jacob’s ears and he wished father was here. He would know the name of the song and maybe even Mary would sing it to him tonight. Jacob’s mother sat on an old blanket a few feet away from him, and she watched him with a smile. He looked over and waved. He promised to stay within view and he refused to let the music sway him astray. After watching for some time, he wandered back to the blanket and the picnic lunch his mother had prepared. He sat down and took a sandwich that his mother offered him.

His eyes are luminous, thought his mother, and she was filled with pride as she thought of Vincent and how Jacob looked like him. “This is the same merry go round that father and Uncle Devon played on, is it not?” Jacob asked his mother, between bites. Catherine nodded. “Yes, your father and Devon would sneak out at night and play here. But, your grandfather did not approve.” Jacob nodded. Grandfather would not approve of many things his Uncle Devon did, yet Jacob was taken with the whole idea of leaving the tunnels and coming up to play on something so beautiful, and at night!

Mouse would tell him that Devon got Jacob’s father into a lot of trouble. Jacob had trouble understanding Mouse sometimes. He thought maybe Mouse was dumb, but father loved him, so he did too.

Jacob looked around at the grass and the sunny skies, and wondered what the others were doing today, in the tunnels. Part of him missed the darkness and sounds of the tunnels, but he also loved the sun, the sky and the grass. He wondered if other boys had such wonderful gifts. Having the tunnels and the outside to enjoy was too much for even Jacob to comprehend.

He looked over at the merry go round and it had stopped.

“Do you want a turn now, Jacob?” Catherine asked as she stood up and offered her hand to Jacob.

Jacob squealed with joy and took his mother’s hand. They practically ran towards the music.

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